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What About A Dead Church Bring Glory To God?

Churches are closing at an astounding rate across America! Why? How is God glorified when a church closes its doors?

“There is no reason for a church to die. Not when Christ is it Head.” Henry Blackaby1

Flickering Lamps, Christ and His Church, is a bible study by Henry and Richard Blackaby that delves into this question. Pastor Rik is leading this study on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm here at River Church.

Flickering Lamps, Christ and His Church, is a practical guide for churches. This book gives reasons for the decline of the church and the changes necessary to turn the church around.

What About A Dead Church Brings Glory To God?

The Blackabys talk about three purposes of the church.

To Glorify God

Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God. But a dying church is people centered rather than Christ centered. We must first love God and then serve God.

To Make Disciples

A disciple is one who follows where Jesus wants him or her to go. As disciples, we are to reach out to people.

To Preserve and Bless Their Community

God calls us to reach out to the people around us. We are called to make a difference in the lives of the people in our community.

And that was just week one! Nothing like jumping right into the biggest issue churches are facing today. We have lost our purpose.

There is a reason that God put each church where it is. We must refocus on our purpose. When people see our love for Jesus, they will be drawn to Him.

Dr. Henry Blackaby has spent his life writing, speaking and teaching people all over the world about experiencing God. His life mission is to be used by God to bring revival to people. He wants to encourage pastors and congregations.

His son, Dr. Richard Blackaby, has the same passion. Through Blackaby Ministries International, he works to get books and resources to Christians throughout the world.




1 Flickering Lamps, Christ and His Church, Henry and Richard Blackaby, Copyright 2015




What About A Dead Church Brings Glory To God?

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