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Six Minor Prophets and What They Mean For Us Today

When we read the Bible, we seem to gravitate to the New Testament. We overlook the beautiful words written in the Old Testament and the lesson found there.

The last six books of the Bible are Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. Just look at those names! Tongue-twisters for sure.

But more importantly, these six books show God’s love for His people and His longing for us to run to Him in times of trouble. He is our refuge!

Six Minor Prophets and What They Mean For Us Today

In the Bible study, “Return to Refuge,” Karen Ehman lists the distinct themes from each of the books.

“Nahum showcases the downfall of Nineveh and also shows the way God always keeps His word.

Habakkuk records the disciplinary suffering of a nation and yet also asserts that God sustains those who “live by faith.”

Zephaniah highlights the “Day of the Lord” and God’s judgment of sin that will fall on both Hebrew and Gentile alike.

Haggai has a laser-like focus in its theme. It is simply “build the temple!”

Zechariah teaches us that Jerusalem is the dwelling place of God’s people and that — although He rejected them in the past — God will dwell among them once again, both forgiving and accepting them.

Malachi shows the people of God wandering from His ways after a few generations and losing their zeal. It is a call to display faithfulness to the Lord.”1

It is interesting to note that the names of these prophets closely resembles each one’s message. Their names also show us part of their life and story.

Nahum means comfort. Habakkuk is from the Hebrew word meaning embrace. It can also mean wrestling with God. Yahweh hides or protects is the meaning for Zephaniah. Haggai needs Festival. Zechariah means Yahweh remembers. Malachi is my messenger.

There is a common theme throughout the six books. It is a theme that we see in our lives today.

This cycle is one of sin, the consequence of sin, redemption through God’s grace, and God’s people who are prone to sin and will repeat the cycle. But as these prophets deal with the nature of the Israelites, so we can learn lessons to apply in our lives.

I am at the beginning of this journey through these six Minor Prophets. Called Minor Prophets not because they are unimportant but rather, their books are short.

The key verse throughout this study is Nahum 1:7 which says, “the Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.”

I’m really looking forward to this study. There is so much I can learn from studying these prophets.



1Return to Refuge Experience Guide, Proverbs 31 Ministries, pg 1. www.proverbs31.org



Six Minor Prophets and What They Mean For Us Today


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