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Contentment Is More Than A State Of Mind, It’s A Life Choice

Much has been written about contentment. Philosophers and religious leaders have debated the subject since the beginning of time. 

The Free Dictionary defines contentment as the state of being contented or satisfied. Contentment is also seen as fulfillment or happiness.

But when we look at the world today, we see the opposite of contentment. Lives are filled with misery, sadness, unhappiness, and joylessness. People feel their lives with stuff trying to fill that empty feeling inside.

To understand contentment, we need to understand what contentment is not.

Contentment is not about complacency. To be content does not mean that you’ve given up on life. You don’t need to give up anything to be content.

Contentment is not about having everything that we want. Having everything we want just makes us want more. We become so wrapped up in getting more that we never enjoy what we have.

Contentment Is More Than A State Of Mind, It's A Life Choice

But then, what is contentment?

Paul understood what it meant to be content. He knew that God would provide whatever he needed whenever he needed it.

In Philippians 4:11, Paul said, I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Paul knew that contentment comes from within.

Great wealth does not bring contentment but rather, contentment is enjoying what we have. It’s not a sin to enjoy to have wealth. God has blessed many people with an abundance of money.

But pursuing wealth is not going to bring contentment. We simply cannot be content if our minds focused on making money. Focus on the simple things of life like pursuing holiness in conduct, attitude, and thought.

Hebrews 13:5 reads “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’

As you go through your life, remember:

Contentment comes from pursuing godliness, not gain.

Contentment comes from pursuing the eternal, not the temporal.


Lord, help me to remember that You are always with me. Remind me Lord, that you will supply all my needs. When I become disillusioned with life, show me the many blessings you have filled my life with. Thank you, Lord, for loving me.



 Contentment Is More Than A State Of Mind, It’s A Life Choice

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